Conservation picture framing workshop & gallery

City Art Depot has its origins in the early 1980s when founder and manager David Trerise was working in the commercial picture framing sector. In liaising with professional conservators and artists he realised that many of the practices used in the commercial picture framing sector caused often-irreparable damage to art works on paper and canvas. He began researching new standards of materials and processes used by museums and conservators to ensure works of art are protected from hazards such as moisture, dust, changes in temperature and humidity while also avoiding the risks inherent in inferior (often acidic) picture framing materials, irreversible techniques and overhandling.

In 1989 David set up a picture framing workshop on the second floor of a tilt slab building in the historic suburb of Addington, Christchurch. Initially accessible only by an outdoor staircase (an improvement on the original ladder-only access), the fledgling business was established on the principles of museum-standard picture framing techniques and processes aimed as much at the private art owner as they were at institutions and private businesses. Since then he has expanded the range of art services offered at City Art Depot to provide practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions for the framing, installation, transportation or storage of works of art and artefacts to ensure that they are displayed and protected to the best advantage and to the highest safety standards. A large workshop and fully trained and experienced staff enable City Art Depot to make frames, crates and artists’ stretchers from raw timber through to the finished product. In taking over the lease of the ground floor in 2002 David has expanded the business again to include a showroom, storage room and a fine arts gallery representing artists working in a variety of media.

Now celebrating its 25th anniversary, City Art Depot has remained true to its original philosophy of museum-standard art care with a client base encompassing museums, galleries, institutions, corporate clients and private art owners.

David Trerise
“City Art has remained consistent in its approach to provide the highest and most aesthetically sympathetic standards of art care. It doesn’t matter whether the value of a work of art is financial, historic or personal, it still deserves to be treated with the care and respect that the artist intended so it can be enjoyed by future generations.” – David Trerise, 2012