Gallery Talk

All that is Solid Collapses into Air

15 March · Katrina
All that is Solid Collapses into Air

This meticulously crafted series of collaborative paintings by Dunedin artists Anet Neutze and Scott Flanagan reflects a coming together of two divergent art practices previously associated with drawing (Neutze) and installation (Flanagan). Glancing off Karl Marx’s much-quoted statement “All that is solid melts into air”, All that is Solid Collapses into Air presents a more material, more structural enterprise than that suggested by Marx. Here, the lingua franca is a patterning of stamped blocks or cells, fastidiously framed and layered and appearing to coalesce into or emanate from a centre that does not hold, that shatters in a manner that is both dramatic and ethereal. The allusions, to physical implosion and personal loss, suggest a careful mediation of the fraught and sudden breakdown of what we believe to be enduring or “solid”.

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