Gallery Talk

Drawing with light

04 March · Sally
Drawing with light
Plum, AP, 2014

Forest of Jade is part of an ongoing series in which Christchurch artist Katrina Lilly explores the painterly possibilities of photography. In so doing she gives surreal visual form to the very origins of the word photography, derived as it is from the Greek words photos, meaning light, and graphé, meaning drawing or writing – together: “drawing with light”.
“I have been creating works using two of the basics principles of photography: aperture and shutter speed, to re-create the textures and techniques of painting,” she says. “I love that moment when all the different elements – light, movement, speed and the natural environment – come together to create a dynamic aesthetic.”
Each of the images presented in this exhibition is recorded within the camera. The colour, textures and composition are created from the natural environment: there is no post-process manipulation. The almost- fluorescent greens present in the Forest of Jade series, for example, are achieved through a photographic record of natural light bouncing off forest foliage, the swirls and fluid “brushstrokes” a vivid documentation of the trunks and branches. The resulting works capture the vibrant, volatile beauty of our domestic and rural landscape, imbuing natural forms and built structures with a rich and painterly vitality that is unstill and seemingly unstable.
Katrina Lilly graduated from the University of Canterbury’s School of Fine Arts in 2004.  She returned to New Zealand in 2011 after 6 years travelling the world.

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