Gallery Talk

Painted Red Paintings

01 July · Katrina
Painted Red Paintings

Born in 1963, Francis van Hout studied at the University of Canterbury’s School of Fine Arts. Since then he has exhibited nationally and internationally, with exhibitions at Dunedin’s Blue Oyster Art Space and the Physics Room in Christchurch as well as at City Art Depot. In 2012 he was involved in the Sendai-Christchurch Exchange Show in Sendai, Japan.

In this innovative and highly engaging exhibition of works on paper and canvas, van Hout builds on the abstract motifs of the Russian constructivism art movement to present a series of highly contemporary two- and three-dimensional images. Using a limited palette and adept shading and shadowing he insinuates new readings into his otherwise non-representational forms, alluding to political insignia, national (“NZ”) iconography and commercial branding through a careful and often intense layering of colour and form.

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