Gallery Talk

Romancing the Ground

27 October · Katrina
Romancing the Ground

In Romancing the Ground Christchurch artist Julia Croucher uses an intuitive, gestural layering of colour and abstract forms on a barely-concealed paper surface to evoke the emotions associated with the romantic tradition of landscape painting.

Using a combination of ink, watercolour, acrylic and varnish, she presents an unstable almost ethereal experience of the painterly response to the world outside the studio window. Colour bleeds into encroaching strata, pigment coalesces into the molded forms of the land, light slides across the surface in an evocation of the spaciousness of sea and sky within the intimacy of the artist’s chosen scale. The resulting works, named after Mills & Boon titles, reveal a small, calm almost tender response to the grand narratives of impressionism’s light-filled landscapes.

Julia Croucher is a Christchurch-based artist and post-graduate of the University of Canterbury’s School of Fine Arts where she studied painting. Her practice includes drawing, painting, tattooing and performance-based art.

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