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Selected Works by Kathryn Madill

28 February · Katrina
Selected Works by Kathryn Madill

Dunedin artist Kathryn Madill is one of New Zealand’s leading painters and printmakers. Her paintings, drawings and prints focus on lonely fragments of literature, legend and fairytale.

The selected works featured are lithographs, mezzotints and a woodcut dating from 1987 – 2011. Madill’s works are placed in loose chronological order—you can see how her technique and process grows but her subject matter of these works remains on the same track throughout.

Different from previous Madill shows at City Art, Selected Works celebrates a specific theme in her work rather then a medium or time period. Her prints focus on fairytale and storytelling. Some authors seek to recreate a sense of the fantastic in a contemporary discourse, some writers use fairy tale forms for modern issues, some artists use fantasy to illustrate personal experience. Here I think Madill plays all three roles through this body of work. She draws the viewer into her imaginative, sometimes haunting storytelling through its intimacy and fine detail, but the works also retain an uplifting quality of belief.

Selected Works by Kathryn Madill is on now at City Art Gallery and runs until 23rd March 2013.

Written by Jane Maloney

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