Gallery Talk

The 10,000-hour rule.

21 August · Katrina
The 10,000-hour rule.

Journalist Malcolm Gladwell popularised Anders Ericsson’s ‘10,000 hour’ theory, being the critical minimum level of practice required for success, using as evidence the marathon performances of The Beatles in the bars of Hamburg, Germany, between 1960 and 1964. While Ericsson’s theory has been over-simplified, the idea of a required ‘apprenticeship’ is central to emerging artists to meet the bar set by most commercial art dealers.

My curatorial process is based on trust. I trust myself to know what will work together or what will be well received in the specific space by the audience. By ‘well received’ I mean its success in accomplishing an aim or purpose – it ‘wins’ in its chosen category.10000HRS wins, as its aim was to support my friends and show their work. And we have all clocked up a few more hours on the way to 10,000-hour glory.

- Jane Maloney, curator.


Julia Croucher:
I am interested in postcard images of ‘iconic’ NZ landscapes — exploring the delineation of space and creating warped perspectives that don’t quite exist in reality; playing with the intrusion of human presence within nature.

Alissa Gilbert:
This series is based on rejected design collages for a small brand I am starting up. Traditional principles of composition have been used to create a series of works that seek to evoke a sense of harmony and balance through an instrument that some may argue performs the opposite.

Ana Iti:
One of the themes I find reoccurring in my practice is the instinct to apply a rule or invent a reason, the desire to establish order in a world of chance and fortune. In this series of drawings I start with a mark created by chance. I then apply my own set of conventions reducing the countless possible outcomes to one, a contrived image bordering on the point of disorder.

Abbey Knapton:
An exercise in self-discovery, the Maria series addresses the idealistic ways in which a woman is to fall pregnant. The self-portraits consider ideas of birth and rebirth using biblical references.


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