Gallery Talk


27 June · Katrina

Traces documents a story of human interaction with the landscape. With a disarming clarity, Mitchell Bright captures on film these subtle intimations and stark indications of human activity within the otherwise unpeopled geographies of rural Canterbury and the West Coast. 

“In a time where our connection to the natural landscape as a society seems to be becoming more and more removed, I am interested in investigating the different ways in which people still interact with it. The alterations to these landscapes may have occurred just yesterday or years ago but the traces that remain have the implications of what might have gone on or still continues” – Mitchell Bright, 2016

Mitchell Bright has completed a Bachelor in Fine Arts, majoring in photography, at the University of Canterbury. He was a recipient of the Ethel Rose Overton and Bickerton Widdowson memorial scholarships. He is currently studying towards a BFA Honours degree. He has exhibited in a number of group shows in Christchurch. This is his first solo exhibition.

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