Gallery Talk

Welcome to www.cityart

23 March · Sally

Over the past year you may be excused for thinking City Art had become a storehouse, a warehouse or a transport station. An influx of art works damaged in the earthquake and awaiting repair work or transportation to a new home has over-run almost every spare space in the workshop. We extend our thanks to all our clients for your patience as staff have worked long hours to process incoming work and maintain normal framing responsibilities. Now that the air is beginning to clear we are pleased to have our gallery up and running and – thanks to Recover Canterbury and Digital Fusion – a fantastic new website.

In the Workshop newsletter we will keep you up to date with new services, new processes and new exhibitions. We will give you occasional advice on what to do and what not to do to better care for your art work and respond to any queries that may be of general interest. In the meantime please browse the pages, get back to us with any feedback or suggestions and come in to see the outstanding work by New Zealand artist Peter Adsett.

Join us in the gallery/workshop as we provide practical solutions for the framing, display, installation of works of art, and information on new exhibitions and events.