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XXV – a group show to celebrate our 25 years in business.

26 September · Katrina
XXV – a group show to celebrate our 25 years in business.

1989 – Ronald Reagan bows out of his presidency, Chinese students protest in Tiananmen Square, the Loma Prieta earthquake pounds northern California. In New Zealand Sunday trading is introduced, TV3 is born, Prime Minister David Lange resigns and, up a perilously exposed flight of stairs in Christchurch, City Art Depot opens its doors to the public as a conservation framing workshop and, a few years later, gallery.

In marking our anniversary we are proud to present XXV – a group show of 25 works to celebrate our 25 years in business. XXV includes seen and previously unseen works by artists associated with City Art Depot. New paintings by Francis van Hout and new porcelain works by Nichola Shanley share space with previously unseen works by Samuel Harrison. This exhibition also features works by Mark Braunias, Marcus Capes, Andrew Drummond, Ana Iti, Kathryn Madill, Beverly Rhodes, Martin Whitworth and Dean Venrooy.

As we celebrate our 25-year history, XXV is also an opportunity to look to the next stage of City Art Depot’s development as changes in and around the gallery and workshop offer a range of new opportunities.

City Art Depot is proud to celebrate our XXV exhibition during Christchurch’s inaugural First Thursdays event on 2 October, organised by Art Beat and highlighting the thriving business and residential neighbourhood that is historic Sydenham. Throughout the evening Sydenham’s galleries, shops and cafes will open their doors to the public and a gallery walking tour will take in local exhibitions.

Please join us from 5pm on Thursday 2 October as we celebrate our 25th anniversary with XXV and a night of First Thursday festivity.

Join us in the gallery/workshop as we provide practical solutions for the framing, display, installation of works of art, and information on new exhibitions and events.