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City Art Depot was established as a picture framing workshop guided by the principles of professional art care.

City Art Depot founder David Trerise has been working in the art industry since the early 1980s. While working in the commercial picture framing sector, he began to research the standards underlying conservation framing practices. These include framing materials and processes that protect works of art from environmental hazards such as moisture, dust and changes in temperature and humidity as well as inferior picture framing materials, techniques and incorrect handling.

In 1989, David established the City Art Depot conservation framing workshop on the second floor of a tilt slab building in the historic suburb of Addington, Christchurch. The fledgling business held true to the principles of museum-standard picture framing techniques and processes, aimed as much at the private art owner as they are at institutions and private businesses. Since then, City Art Depot has added a gallery representing contemporary New Zealand artists and expanded its range of art services to provide practical and elegant solutions for the framing, installation, transportation and storage of works of art and artefacts to ensure they are displayed and protected to the best advantage.

Now, nearly three decades later, City Art Depot has maintained this original philosophy of museum-standard art care and education, attracting a client base including museums, galleries, institutions, businesses and private art owners throughout New Zealand.

Framing Feature Box


City Art Depot hand-finished frames bring high quality craftsmanship and conservation standards to the framing of your art work.

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Art Installation Feature Box

Art Installation

City Art Depot has 25 years’ experience installing whole collections or single works of art in homes, offices and institutions.

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Solander Boxes Feature Box

Solander Boxes

City Art Depot Solander boxes provide an elegant and robust archival storage system for works of art, books and valued objects.

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Art Shipping Feature Box

Art Shipping

City Art Depot provides custom-made crating and packaging solutions for the local and international transportation of artworks and other fragile objects.

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City Art Depot is committed to the highest standards of art care and presentation

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