Clare Logan holds a BFA in painting from the University of Canterbury’s School of Fine Arts. Her work explores personal modes of relating to the natural world and the landscape, traversing and investigating what lies between psychological and physical experience. A painter, she uses oil paint and other mediums experimentally, staging disruptions, flows and interactions that echo those of geomorphological processes.

Read more about Clare Logan’s studio practice over our City Art Reader interviews focussing on her studio practice, her 2019 ‘Undertow’ body of work and her 2020 ‘Slipping to the isthmus’ body of work.


23rd Nov 2021 - 17th Dec 2021

Showcase 2021 – Group Exhibition

3rd Aug 2021 - 31st Aug 2021

Lacuna – Clare Logan

11th Aug 2020 - 31st Aug 2020

Slipping to the isthmus – Clare Logan

9th Jul 2019 - 29th Jul 2019

Showcase – Group Exhibition

14th May 2019 - 4th Jun 2019

Undertow – Clare Logan

9th May 2020 - 15th Jun 2020

Artists’ Choice

2nd Oct 2018 - 20th Oct 2018

Showcase – City Art Depot artists

17th Apr 2018 - 7th May 2018

Nearness to the nameless ghost – Clare Logan

9th May 2017 - 3rd Jun 2017

A lingering dark – Clare Logan

5th Dec 2017 - 2nd Feb 2018

Showdown – Xmas showcase