Born in 1962 Venrooy has, over the past two decades, compiled a unique vocabulary of flora and fauna, defined by the use of found objects and the small scale of his work to create these magic-realist visions of the natural world. As Wellington art critic Mark Amery writes, “Venrooy revels in creating elegant rhythms, symmetries and visual melodies”. Certainly there is restraint here – the artist barely whispers – but the results are jewel-like in their detail, something to peer into and wonder at like small talismen or portals into an imagined world.


23rd Nov 2021 - 17th Dec 2021

Showcase 2021 – Group Exhibition

5th Dec 2017 - 2nd Feb 2018

Showdown – Xmas showcase

9th Jul 2019 - 29th Jul 2019

Showcase – Group Exhibition

15th Apr 2016 - 13th May 2016

Gully and Grove – Dean Venrooy

5th Jun 2015 - 3rd Jul 2015

Outcrop – Dean Venrooy

30th May 2014 - 20th Jun 2014

Paintings and Drawings – Dean Venrooy

15th Apr 2013 - 4th May 2013

wood glass stone – Dean Venrooy