A graduate of the University of Canterbury, Julia Croucher, now based in Melbourne, uses her work as a tattoo artist and her interest in bodily aesthetics to inform her performance and painting arts practice. In <3 (2014) her postcard-sized miniatures pulled the viewer in to a series of ambiguous landscapes rendered in a brooding monochrome of ink and varnish.

“The abstract horizon recalls the Sublime, and the geometric forms suggest the crystalline forms of Bruno Taut’s fantasy pavilions and the dramatic landscapes of Caspar David Friedrich… putting them firmly in the Romantic tradition for all their abstraction and gesture” – Andrew Paul wood, 2014

“I am interested in postcard images of ‘iconic’ NZ landscapes — exploring the delineation of space and creating warped perspectives that don’t quite exist in reality; playing with the intrusion of human presence within nature” – Julia Croucher, 2015

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21st Mar 2014 - 11th Apr 2014

<3 – Group Show