Based in Lyttelton, Lisa Patterson studied landscape architecture before completing a Graduate Diploma in Design, majoring in sculpture and print.

Her meticulously handcrafted objects incorporate elemental materials such as wood, bone, gold leaf and lead, investing simple motifs with a sense of mystery and revelation reminiscent of age-old allusions to religious icons and hidden worlds. This sense of secrecy and wonder is supported by the small scale of many of Lisa’s works and the artisanal nature of the shaping and carving involved in their production.

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5th Dec 2023 - 21st Dec 2023

Showcase 2023

10th Oct 2023 - 30th Oct 2023

In Defence – Lisa Patterson

9th Jul 2019 - 29th Jul 2019

Showcase – Group Exhibition

9th May 2020 - 15th Jun 2020

Artists’ Choice

17th Oct 2014 - 7th Nov 2014

Inside Out – Lisa Patterson