South Taranaki artist Maree Horner uses the processes of printmaking, painting, mixed media and digital imagery to explore gender-based relationships and dichotomies.

She completed a MFA degree in sculpture at the Elam School of Fine Arts in the mid-seventies. From her earlier site specific, environmental and installation work, Horner began exploring a range of painting and printmaking techniques to juxtapose the animate and the inanimate, the monumental and the domestic, the exterior and the interior as a coded language describing notions of masculinity and femininity, activity and passivity, domination and submission.

The result is a subtle but beguiling performance of invasion or penetration as the domestic arena is occupied by the forms and images of animal prowess or monumental architecture, themselves reduced in scale to suggest either compliance or persistence.

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26th May 2012 - 30th Jun 2012

Selected Works – Maree Horner