Richard Elderton, is a Te Waipounamu South Island based painter and recent Ilam School of Fine Arts graduate. Born in Japan, his bicultural upbringing has led to a particular fascination with 19th century Japonism and wayo secchu, which often informs a foundation to his practice. He views his paintings as visual poetry; narratives are open-ended, and art is created through a multitude of personalities. His works focus on depictions of natural light and the interpretation of colour and form, which express the emotive or thematic quality of a scene.

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21st May 2024 - 10th Jun 2024

‘Aida_間_.’ – Richard Elderton

5th Dec 2023 - 21st Dec 2023

Showcase 2023

18th Jul 2023 - 7th Aug 2023

無常 (mujō) – Richard Elderton