Since graduating from the Otago Polytechnic School of Art Christchurch artist Robyn Webster has explored the history, tradition and artistic possibilities inherent in harakeke (flax). She has extended her scholarship in this area through her involvement with the Biopolymer Network, under the umbrella of AgResearch and the National Harakeke Collection.

In her current practice Robyn uses the traditions of knotting, twisting, plaiting and weaving in an evocative and non-traditional series of ephemeral sculptural works.

“I seek to explore an area that is entirely localised, that is in fact all about rootedness. Thematically, I am interested in how it represents a feminine alternative; the ancient, earth-bound and hand-made arising from low tech, environmentally sound materials. Through my work with this plant, I feel I have found my thread in the labyrinth” – Robyn Webster, 2014


21st Nov 2014 - 19th Dec 2014

Compendia – Group Show