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9th May 2020 - 15th Jun 2020

Artists’ Choice

City Art Depot is excited to launch Artist’ Choice – an online exhibition. City Art Depot has represented artists in our gallery since 2001, with this exhibition we give our artists the platform to show off a work of theirs from our storeroom and give some unique insight. All these works are available for sale now!

Click here to read the full artist texts on the City Art Reader page!

Sinking stepClare Logan
Flight tectonicFrancis van Hout
local loopOlivia Chamberlain
Deep GoldHenry Turner
Gravity iiiShannon Williamson
the smell of sea hair is aboutSaskia Bunce-Rath
HoardLisa Patterson
Argentinian Tie-less BraidCharlotte Watson
March of the ElephantsTahlia King
Stone SoupKay Hunter
Red River – The Blue Knife 8/10Kathryn Madill