Blue & Co. – Kathryn Madill

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7th Oct 2016 - 4th Nov 2016

Blue & Co. – Kathryn Madill

In this new series of monoprints, Dunedin artist Kathryn Madill presents a catalogue of human and animal figures against a stark but ageless landscape. Drawing on the narratalogical tradition of metamorphosis and transformation, the story of Norwegian artist Edvard Munch and his sister Sophie and the fragile structures of shelter,

Blue & Co. embeds these seemingly lost figures in the blue-black darkness of nightfall and mythological tradition.

Born in Ruatahuna in 1951, Kathryn Madill graduated from the University of Canterbury School of Fine Art in 1971 with a major in printmaking. She currently lives and works in Dunedin.

“I have found that making art is like learning another language. The vocabulary I have spent years accumulating is one of images. Within my work figures move through both rooms and landscapes in search of a sense of place”
– Kathryn Madill, 2016.

Blue & Co. (1)Kathryn Madill
Blue & Co. (2)Kathryn Madill
Blue & Co. (4)Kathryn Madill
Edvard Munch & the Blue DogKathryn Madill
Edvard Munch’s Sister with Mr. BlueKathryn Madill
The Red House (2)Kathryn Madill
Big Alice in the Red HouseKathryn Madill
Mr. Blue (1)Kathryn Madill
Mr. Blue (2)Kathryn Madill