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9th Apr 2020 - 30th Apr 2020

City Art Depot gallery

City Art Depot has represented artists in its gallery since 2001. Exhibitions of new work by contemporary New Zealand artists are held regularly in our main floor gallery. The upstairs gallery is open throughout the year and is constantly being updated to accommodate new works. City Art Depot welcomes you to view this selection of works and to explore our full catalogue of artworks for sale here.

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Flight tectonicFrancis van Hout
GreenDean Venrooy
Grove 2Dean Venrooy
Nonesuch Gully 4Dean Venrooy
Under the Skin 11Martin Whitworth
Catching an Upward CurrentLiv Worsnop
Gravity iShannon Williamson
No. 7 of Suitcase SeriesKay Hunter
Site 1Peter Adsett
river raiserClare Logan
Bubble iiShannon Williamson
Bubble iiiShannon Williamson
UpstreamClare Logan
Untitled (15)Martin Whitworth
Argentinian Tie-less BraidCharlotte Watson
LyaconKathryn Madill
Deep GoldHenry Turner
Sparkling LapseHenry Turner
Golden HeartHenry Turner
Solitary Hanging DeviceAndrew Drummond
Home PlainsFrancis van Hout
A Page From the Book of DreamsKathryn Madill
WaderClare Logan
Untitled DiptychMartin Whitworth
Shelter 3Sandra Thomson
IndifferenceCharlotte Watson
MountainFrancis van Hout
HillFrancis van Hout
Passage IICharlotte Watson
FacetectonicFrancis van Hout
The fire we’ve builtSaskia Bunce-Rath
Hidden 2Lisa Patterson
Hiding 2Lisa Patterson
Which is UN-F After A Bigger SplashEmma Wallbanks
the smell of sea hair is aboutSaskia Bunce-Rath
guide linesOlivia Chamberlain
small talkOlivia Chamberlain
MedeaEvangelyn Edilson
The Emotionally Volatile Trapeze ArtistEvangelyn Edilson