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29th Jul 2016 - 26th Aug 2016

Continuous Positive – Shannon Williamson

Continuous Positive follows the artist’s long-standing preoccupation with corporeal anxiety and embodied experience. In this series of works on paper, Shannon employs a combination of cartographic, anatomical and gestural drawing styles, moving from the figurative form to more annotative mark-making to document the impact of emotional disturbance on the integrity of the body.

“In the works for ‘Continuous Positive’ the figure is both revered and deconstructed and at times completely abandoned. Re-occurring motifs, diagrammatic languages and hyperbolic colours are used to create synesthetic translations of sensory experience into visual information. Some of the works shape these ‘synesthetic translations’ upon figurative scaffolds while others layer them between quantitative medical annotations to create incomplete maps for both trauma and solution in dysfunction”
– Shannon Williamson, 2016

March iShannon Williamson
Evidence iShannon Williamson
Evidence iiShannon Williamson
Evidence iiiShannon Williamson
March iiShannon Williamson
Hypochondriac iShannon Williamson
Iliac Noise iShannon Williamson
Iliac Noise iiShannon Williamson
Iliac Noise iiiShannon Williamson
Hypochondriac iiShannon Williamson
Continuous Positive iShannon Williamson
Iliac Gap iShannon Williamson
Continuous Positive iiShannon Williamson
Iliac Gap iiShannon Williamson
Continuous Positive iiiShannon Williamson