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30th Oct 2015 - 27th Nov 2015

Infinite View of Determinate You – Liv Worsnop

In these small topographies of colour and form, Christchurch artist Liv Worsnop mediates our appreciation of found objects (moss, rocks, pine needles, ivy berries) through her application of movement, light, even human breathe during the scanning process. Incorporating the residue of these interventions, the resulting images, painterly and mysterious, serve as intimate analogies for the impact of human actions on the environment.

“These small interventions are a way of interacting with the natural world at an intimate level, observing, commenting but also rectifying in a peaceful way.”

An Ocean is InsideLiv Worsnop
Cereal in Agee JarLiv Worsnop
Edges Pressed with Bday PotteryLiv Worsnop
Fast NoLiv Worsnop
Front Porch. IvyLiv Worsnop
I am in BackgroundLiv Worsnop
Lagoon + WaterfallLiv Worsnop
Moon PoolLiv Worsnop
River RockLiv Worsnop
Rock Jeff was Going to Hand MeLiv Worsnop
Still held SageLiv Worsnop
Storm Clouds on the LaplandsLiv Worsnop
Storm Clouds Over Laplands 1Liv Worsnop
Storm Clouds Over Laplands 2Liv Worsnop
This Rock is a Perfect CircleLiv Worsnop
Volcanoes Overlooking Laguna VerdeLiv Worsnop