Lacuna – Clare Logan

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3rd Aug 2021 - 31st Aug 2021

Lacuna – Clare Logan

In Lacuna Clare Logan draws the viewer into a liminal space between shape and form, interior and exterior, colour and darkness, stability and instability.

Using an intuitive process of pouring, layering and painting, she creates a strangely mutable series of intimate yet ambiguous images, in which form and shape seem to melt, merge and slip out of definition. These beguiling, labyrinthine forms take on a transportative or experiential quality as if filtered through the insubstantiality of memory and physical, sensory and imaginative experiences. The resulting works are intriguing, inviting, but, in their glistening, slithering, abstract forms, they are also redolent of a sinister uncertainty on the unstable periphery of our urban lives. 

“That is what intrigues me about making paintings. It is the uncertainty – testing things, pushing things, coming into the studio and finding myself surprised by things – that is what keeps my curiosity engaged”
– Clare Logan, 2021

Clare Logan holds a BFA in painting from the University of Canterbury’s School of Fine Arts. Her work explores personal modes of relating to the natural world, traversing and investigating what lies between psychological and physical experience. A painter, she uses oil paint and other mediums experimentally, staging disruptions, flows and interactions that enact the instability of sensory experience and personal memory.

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Stone was airClare Logan
Swallowing sunClare Logan
Rend (shiver)Clare Logan
Eyes shut (looking into the distance)Clare Logan
Tilting backClare Logan
Heat clingClare Logan
Drying inward from the edgeClare Logan
Shallow hollowsClare Logan
Welling upClare Logan
Trine aspectsClare Logan