Outcrop – Dean Venrooy

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5th Jun 2015 - 3rd Jul 2015

Outcrop – Dean Venrooy

Only two scales, said British sculptor Henry Moore, innately intrigue: “the gargantuan and the intimate”.

Banks Peninsula artist Dean Venrooy has developed a unique arts practice favouring the latter: small, jewel-like landscapes painted within the confines of small, often found objects – in this exhibition recycled or recovered timber, worn glass, a magnifying glass. On such locally sourced material we find exquisitely painted diorama featuring the geological formations of Lyttelton harbour and the plants and birds that cling to, or nestle into, these forms.

While it is tempting to place these finely layered works within the early tradition of New Zealand landscape painting, there are closer parallels to the Enlightenment notion of a state of nature unspoiled by European civilisation. In Outcrop Venrooy translates this idealisation into a surreal depiction of a natural world at once structured and ordered while also wild, far-removed from human intervention.

Outcrop 1Dean Venrooy
Outcrop 2Dean Venrooy
Outcrop 3Dean Venrooy
Outcrop 4Dean Venrooy
Outcrop 5Dean Venrooy
Outcrop 6Dean Venrooy
Outcrop 7Dean Venrooy
Outcrop 8Dean Venrooy
Outcrop 9Dean Venrooy
Outcrop 10Dean Venrooy
Outcrop 11Dean Venrooy