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1st May 2015 - 29th May 2015

Painted Red Paintings – F. van Hout

In this innovative and highly engaging exhibition of works on paper and canvas, van Hout builds on the abstract motifs of the Russian constructivism art movement to present a series of highly contemporary two- and three-dimensional images. Using a limited palette and adept shading and shadowing he insinuates new readings into his otherwise non-representational forms, alluding to political insignia, national (“NZ”) iconography and commercial branding through a careful and often intense layering of colour and form.

PRP_011Francis van Hout
PRP_012Francis van Hout
PRP_013Francis van Hout
PRP_014Francis van Hout
PRP_007Francis van Hout
PRP_015Francis van Hout
PRP_009Francis van Hout
PRP_018Francis van Hout
PRP_020Francis van Hout
PRP_008Francis van Hout
PRP_016Francis van Hout
PRP_010Francis van Hout
PRP_001Francis van Hout
PRP_002Francis van Hout
PRP_003Francis van Hout
PRP_017Francis van Hout
PRP_019Francis van Hout
PRP_005Francis van Hout
PRP_006Francis van Hout