Quartet – Group Show

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20th Mar 2018 - 9th Apr 2018

Quartet – Group Show

In classical music a string quartet, both the ensemble and the composition, is one of the most aesthetically satisfying exercises in harmonic dialectic: a model of discipline and the ideal vehicle for philosophical enquiry. The combination of two violins, viola and cello, with their related characteristics, comprehensively covers the range of pitch and precludes indulgence for mere effect.

The quartet provides a useful structural and functional analogy for this exhibition, although there really isn’t a lot of theory or critical intent behind it. It’s work I like, by artists I like. There is a conversation between the works: here we have four artists who are women, Christchurch-based, and products of the University of Canterbury’s School of Fine Arts at Ilam. They represent two generations of practice. Quartet reflects my belief in backing women artists in a system that isn’t always as supportive as it could be, and the happy privilege of my on-going engagement with Christchurch’s lively art scene since relocating here eighteen years ago.

– Andrew Paul Wood 2018

Down there, somewhereRebecca Harris
Limbo 1Rebecca Harris
Limbo 2Rebecca Harris
BriarRebecca Harris
LagoonRebecca Harris
pink cloud above my headRebecca Harris
Eat the WindKim Lowe
Vessel IIIKim Lowe
Crystal BallKim Lowe
Greaser’s PalaceTyne Gordon
GreyhoundTyne Gordon
ClingerTyne Gordon
the brim uncurled and splayed outTyne Gordon
TaffetaGrace Crothall
VarlapartyGrace Crothall
TubGrace Crothall
Mel BooGrace Crothall
BananabochonGrace Crothall
Rowena SoapGrace Crothall