in the fading realm/first spill – Saskia Bunce-Rath & Christiane Shortal

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15th Feb 2022 - 7th Mar 2022

in the fading realm/first spill – Saskia Bunce-Rath & Christiane Shortal

Saskia Bunce-Rath is a graduate of the Masters of Fine Arts programme at the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts. As an artist and poet, she explores mood and quasi-narratives through her depictions of ethereal creatures wandering in imagined lands. She mixes text and painterly compositions to further deepen her unearthly atmospheres. Texture, surreality and definition is built into her works through a bright use of textiles and thread.

Christiane Shortal graduated from the Ara Institute in 2017. In her Christchurch-based art practice, Shortal amalgamates her own surroundings and experiences to form new worlds evocative of traditional and popular depictions of historical civilisations and folklore.  Shortal also works with local musicians such as Pickle Darling and Mousey – creating band merchandise and album covers. 

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flames burning at the heels of your feetSaskia Bunce-Rath
arcs of lightning frozen inside of menSaskia Bunce-Rath
drifting in the solar flaresSaskia Bunce-Rath
the sky shooting right through me, trees crawling at the edges of my eyesSaskia Bunce-Rath
sometimes I am walking around the edges of cities, I keep them in place with my feetSaskia Bunce-Rath
I wish I was far away collecting bonesSaskia Bunce-Rath
The braggartChristiane Shortal
The contenderChristiane Shortal
The mediatorChristiane Shortal
The seerChristiane Shortal
The tacticianChristiane Shortal
The advocateChristiane Shortal
The charlatanChristiane Shortal
The makerChristiane Shortal
The scapegoatChristiane Shortal
The performerChristiane Shortal
The accompliceChristiane Shortal