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2nd Oct 2018 - 20th Oct 2018

Showcase – City Art Depot artists

This exhibition features both our main and stock gallery with new unseen works by a range of artists including Kathryn Madill, Clare Logan, Francis van Hout, Charlotte Watson, Ed Lust, Kay Hunter, Harry Trerise, Tahlia King, Rebecca Harris, and Joe Hammond.

Untitled 9Kay Hunter
Untitled 10Kay Hunter
Untitled 6Kay Hunter
LyaconKathryn Madill
Blue MineKathryn Madill
Bus StopKathryn Madill
Night WatchKathryn Madill
Citadel (chimera)Clare Logan
Cumulative vapours (delirious fog)Clare Logan
Soft slide (grey ghost)Clare Logan
Architectonic IFrancis van Hout
Architectonic IIFrancis van Hout
TraytectonicFrancis van Hout
PlaintectonicFrancis van Hout
Study (Eppsicle)Ed Lust
Study (Pigface)Ed Lust
Study (Polo)Ed Lust
VH001Ed Lust
Argentinian Tie-less BraidCharlotte Watson
Meat WagonRebecca Harris
Under a CloudRebecca Harris
PuffRebecca Harris
Pink Eye, Sky HighRebecca Harris
Untitled Still LifeHarry Trerise
Untitled Still LifeHarry Trerise
UntitledJoe Hammond
UntitledJoe Hammond
UntitledTahlia King
UntitledTahlia King