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5th Dec 2017 - 2nd Feb 2018

Showdown – Xmas showcase

City Art Depot has represented artists in its gallery since 2000. Exhibitions of new work by contemporary New Zealand artists are held regularly throughout the year. The upstairs stock gallery is open throughout the year and is constantly being updated to accommodate new works. In ‘Showdown’ City Art Depot welcomed viewers to explore both the main floor gallery and the upstairs stock gallery.

Waters EmergentClare Logan
Passage IICharlotte Watson
Nonesuch Gully 1Dean Venrooy
Nonesuch Gully 7Dean Venrooy
Nonesuch Gully 3Dean Venrooy
CondensationFrancis van Hout
Evidence iiShannon Williamson
Untitled 1995–1997Mark Braunias
Solitary Hanging DeviceAndrew Drummond