Slipping to the isthmus – Clare Logan

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11th Aug 2020 - 31st Aug 2020

Slipping to the isthmus – Clare Logan

Clare Logan creates paintings that exist in the margins – bordering the body and landscape, spiritual and corporeal, lucid and ambiguous. Evocative of her forays into New Zealand’s mountainous landscapes, Logan fills her artworks with natural movement and texture. Bodily associations are simultaneously brought forth through the consistency and tangibility of the layered oil paints. As paint and medium is poured and manipulated across the surfaces Logan creates unexpected and serendipitous moments.

Working at a larger scale than before, Logan introduces bold sweeping gestures and sharp contrasts through these paintings. The fluidity and pooling of paint is now intersected by dramatic erupting, crashing forms. Through this physicality the paintings enter an emotional space that resonates with feelings we have experienced as a collective society – pushed closer to chaos and the abyss. In this uncomfortable space Logan finds clarity and enchantment in her relationship to the landscape.

“There’s something about the physical feeling of being in proximity to the abyss or in upheaval – it’s sublime and fearsome, but it’s incredibly clarifying – each movement has more weight and you have to trust solidity and the immediacy of those movements. I’ve been thinking about that, in relation to painting too, the solidity of a physical mark, the trust of a body in space.”
— Clare Logan in discussion with Cameron Ralston

Amidst a rising windClare Logan
Other flooded skiesClare Logan
Spread out glimmerClare Logan
On, it flaredClare Logan
Talus (reverberations)Clare Logan
Beneath the mineral sunClare Logan