Works by Trerise, Trusttum and Whitworth

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13th Apr 2021 - 3rd May 2021

Works by Trerise, Trusttum and Whitworth

Harry Trerise is a self taught painter from Christchurch New Zealand. Influenced by expressionism and surrealism, he twists the world around him by combining imagination and memory to create new and personally influenced compositions. He seeks to capture his subconscious in his works through an almost automatic application of paint. The works explore the space between expressionist painting and clarity of image, creating intriguing scenes and portraits. For this exhibition Trerise wanted to show the techniques he has adopted over the years.

Philip Trusttum graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts from the University of Canterbury School of Art in 1964. Since then he has exhibited throughout New Zealand as well as internationally. He is renown for his large scale works depicting the everyday world through graphical expressive shapes, lines, colours and textures. The two large canvases he exhibits here were first painted in 1989 then completed in 2003. They depict the artist in the physical exertion of digging fence posts.

A draughtsman, a colourist, a skillful craftsman and an accomplished artist – since graduating from the University of Canterbury’s School of Fine Arts in 1983 Christchurch artist Martin Whitworth has used paint and pencil on paper and canvas to build an arts practice that is as succinct as it is atmospheric. Using minimal lines and an often-restricted pallet he presents a strongly suggestive narrative from figurative detail, flat zones of colour, collage and sculpture. This body of work titled Quiet Days at 7 Abberly Crescent features collaged objects and images that Whitworth draws from his own life and the street about his home in St Albans.

ELEVEN!Philip Trusttum
TWELVE!Philip Trusttum
Mary as MuseMartin Whitworth
Beauty Echoes from the PastMartin Whitworth
Between Two Bothers Jack and Ralph Hotere & Light Bulbs Light Up the NightMartin Whitworth