12th Oct 2023

Art Installation and Picture Hanging

Where should I hang my artwork to best protect it?
Artworks are affected by heat, humidity, light and dust. It is best to hang your work in a location away from direct sunlight and areas of fluctuating temperature and humidity, such as bathrooms or above a heater. You may not be able to control all these variables, in which case we recommend using UV blocking glass and/or moisture barriers to help reduce potential damage to the artwork.

Can you arrange my artworks on the wall?
City Art Depot staff regularly work with clients to arrange and install their artwork, whether it be hanging a couple of works within an existing home or installing an entire collection.

How can I earthquake-proof my artwork?
Once you’ve decided on the location for each artwork, consideration must be given to the use of hooks, screws, nails or keyhole hangers. This depends on the size and weight of the work and the type of wall. Christchurch is an earthquake zone and while light works may still be installed with the traditional hook and nail, larger and heavier works need a more careful approach. This may involve earthquake hooks (designed so the wire can’t jump loose) or keyhole hangers (that use the weight of the work to hold it in place from more than one point). We can also replace old hangers and wires, reduce the weight of frames and rehinge works to reduce the risk of damage in the case of an earthquake or other event.

Can you hang my very heavy artwork or mirror?
City Art Depot has a number of techniques for hanging heavy items. It is recommended that our team inspects the piece and wall to provide the best hanging solution. If you are building or having repairs done to your home, it is a good opportunity to make allowances for your art collection by reinforcing the wall during construction.

I want my artwork hung on a high wall, is this possible?
Hanging works at a height comes with a number of challenges: ensuring the work itself is firmly secured; the safety of accessing the space it is to be hung in; and how suitable the space is for the artwork. City Art Depot carries tools and equipment to safely install works at height including tall ladders and, if required, a mobile scaffold. Temporary fixed scaffolding can also be arranged if the space does not allow for our equipment.

Can I hang works without putting hooks in my wall?
Adhesive picture hanging hooks and strips are available, however we do not recommend hanging works of value or weight using these as there is a risk of the adhesive failing. Picture hanging rails can be a good alternative for homes and businesses. This system uses a nylon or metal cord which drops down from a rail fixed to a point in the wall. The droppers and hook attachments are all adjustable allowing for your arrangement to be easily changed and added to as required. City Art Depot can advise on the best system to suit your hanging needs.

Can you install works on a building site?
Our installation team has experience working on active building sites and all City Art Depot staff have Site Safe and First Aid training. Our staff also have experience working on scaffolds.

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