12th Oct 2023

Picture Framing Glass

Can glass reduce fading?
Yes! Although no glass will prevent all fading, we do offer and recommend 99% UV blocking glass. This is important – light damage is irreversible and the extent of the damage will depend on the intensity and length of exposure. Without adequate protection from light, over time pigments will fade and the base material will discolour and become brittle. Photographs are also susceptible to light damage and should be treated with the same care to increase their lifespan. It’s very important to note that it’s not just the UV light in the spectrum that causes damage, so even if you have a UV inhibiting glass on your artwork, it’s best to place it in an area of your home that does not get direct sunlight.

How do I reduce the reflections from the glass?
To enhance the clarity of your artwork we recommend anti-reflective glass. These glasses use thin optical coatings that break up the light rays to greatly reduce reflections and improve viewing. City Art Depot stocks anti-reflective glass options and has examples on display so you can see the difference it makes to your artwork.

Does my artwork need glass?
This depends on the materials used in the artwork or object. Glazing seals the front of the frame creating a protective environment for the piece. For instance, works on paper are more fragile and when exposed to the elements, such as humidity and light, are susceptible to warping, fading, brittling and damage from insects. Oil and acrylic paintings on canvas however, do not require glazing to be stable as they are protected by a layer of varnish and benefit from being able to ‘breathe’. Artworks come in an infinite variety and combination of mediums – our staff can advise on the specific requirements of your work.

Can I frame a photograph or poster without glass?
One alternative to glass is to dry mount and laminate your artwork. This is only recommended for photographic works, posters and reproductions as the work is permanently attached to its backing. For this process, a protective layer of laminate is applied to the rigid surface of the work. City Art Depot offers a mounting and laminating service using high quality dry adhesives best suited to the artwork or photograph in question.

Is my artwork too big to be framed with glass?
When framing particularly large artworks, we are able to use acrylic instead of glass. As with glass, City Art Depot is able to provide this in UV blocking and anti-reflective options. Acrylic glazing is also a good option if your artwork is being shipped regularly as, unlike glass, it won’t shatter.

Get in touch or come by our shop to discuss how to best present and protect your artworks.