Exhibition Archive


Scott Flanagan & Anet Neutze – All that is Solid Collapses into Air
Dean Venrooy – Gully & Grove
F. van Hout – Null & Void
Mitchell Bright – Traces
Shannon Williamson – Continuous Positive
Bevely Rhodes – Dancing to Remember, Dancing to Forget
Kathryn Madill – Blue & Co.
Jan Chaffey – Wild Spaniards & Friends


Samuel Harrison – New Sculptures and Drawings
Martin Whitworth – Gaiana – Earth NZAC
F. van Hout – Painted Red Paintings
Dean Venrooy – Outcrop
Sandra Thomson – Waiting
Nichola Shanley – Shanley August 2015
Julia Croucher – Romancing the Ground
Liv Worsnop – Infinite View of Determinate You


Yukai Kaihori – Down on the Ground
Katrina Lilly – Forest of Jade
Julia Croucher, Ana Iti, Ed Lust – <3
Samuel Harrison – Portrait
Dean Venrooy – Paintings and Drawings
Shannon Williamson – Home Body
Kathryn Madill – Waiting for the Blue Train
Kim Lowe – Floating Worlds
Lisa Patterson – Inside Out
Sharnaé Beardsley, Matthew Le Roi, Robyn Webster, Liv Worsnop – Compendia


Kathryn Madill – Selected works by Kathryn Madill
Dean Venrooy – wood glass stone
Tjalling de Vries – Quick Flip Review
Katrina Lilly – He just wanted my washing machine
Martin Whitworth – Christchurch Central Confidential
Julia Croucher, Alissa Gilbert, Ana Iti, Abbey Knapton – 10000HRS
Brendan Jon Philip – Holy Ghosts and Talk Show Hosts
F. van Hout – Painted Some Things
Tim Veiling – Best Made Plans
Kim Lowe, Lisa Patterson, Nichola Shanley – III


Peter Adsett – Paintings from Sympathy Letters
Beverly Rhodes – A Boy’s Story
Brooke Georgia – The Shapes I Wear for You
Katrina Lilly, Misma Andrews, Alex Porter – Groundspeed
Greg Yes & Lisa Patterson – The Gildhall Album