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  • Peter Adsett
  • Mark Braunias
  • Saskia Bunce-Rath
  • Olivia Chamberlain
  • Julia Croucher
  • Andrew Drummond
  • Evangelyn Edilson
  • Joe Hammond
  • Rebecca Harris
  • Maree Horner
  • Kay Hunter
  • Private: Ana Iti
  • Scott Jackson
  • Tahlia King
  • Clare Logan
  • Ed Lust
  • Kathryn Madill
  • Adrienne Millwood
  • Lisa Patterson
  • Beverly Rhodes
  • Sandra Thomson
  • Harry Trerise
  • Henry Turner
  • Francis van Hout
  • Dean Venrooy
  • Emma Wallbanks
  • Charlotte Watson
  • Robyn Webster
  • Martin Whitworth
  • Shannon Williamson
  • Liv Worsnop
Untitled 10Beverly Rhodes
The Blue Train (6) 7/10Kathryn Madill
The Blue Train (4) 7/10Kathryn Madill
I am in BackgroundLiv Worsnop
HoardLisa Patterson
VagueLisa Patterson
A Page From the Book of DreamsKathryn Madill
An Elder of the NearbyLiv Worsnop
MetamorphosisKathryn Madill
21/1/19Charlotte Watson
No. 7 of Suitcase SeriesKay Hunter
March of the ElephantsTahlia King
Lack of Diversity 2Sandra Thomson
MedeaEvangelyn Edilson
Clad 1Lisa Patterson
UntitledJoe Hammond
Goodnight Little Sister 17/38Kathryn Madill
new commuteOlivia Chamberlain
In the Field – DeserterMartin Whitworth
The Chorus 1Kathryn Madill
Nonesuch Gully 1Dean Venrooy
Grove 4Dean Venrooy
19/1/19Charlotte Watson
Untitled 9Mark Braunias
The Blind Queen 2/10Kathryn Madill
Solitary Hanging DeviceAndrew Drummond
Sorrow Hand 3/10Kathryn Madill
Under the Skin 11Martin Whitworth
Breathe (edition of 5)Adrienne Millwood
The Blue Train (2) 7/10Kathryn Madill
The Chorus 3Kathryn Madill
The fire we’ve builtSaskia Bunce-Rath
And I’ve Seen You at the BottomEmma Wallbanks
fluster busterOlivia Chamberlain
Edvard Munch’s Sister with Mr. BlueKathryn Madill
Way Series No. 4Kay Hunter
AscentLisa Patterson
Outcrop 11Dean Venrooy
Nonesuch Gully 2Dean Venrooy
A Page From the Book of DreamsKathryn Madill
PRP_013Francis van Hout
The Blue Train (a)Kathryn Madill
Untitled (1)Martin Whitworth
On Leave in FlorenceMartin Whitworth
Untitled DiptychMartin Whitworth
memory duneOlivia Chamberlain
Red River – The Daemon 3/10Kathryn Madill
PRP_005Francis van Hout
Transit House 1/10Kathryn Madill
The Blue Train (7) 7/10Kathryn Madill
RewildingSandra Thomson
Red River 5/10Kathryn Madill
Gravity viShannon Williamson
Red River 5/10Kathryn Madill
PRP_019Francis van Hout
Untitled (17)Martin Whitworth
Nonesuch Gully 3Dean Venrooy
Study (Polo)Ed Lust
Grove 5Dean Venrooy
Long empty dreamsSaskia Bunce-Rath
Bluebird 6/12Kathryn Madill
Critical Penetralia 1Maree Horner
Fast NoLiv Worsnop
PRP_001Francis van Hout
UntitledJoe Hammond
PRP_006Francis van Hout
Study (Pigface)Ed Lust
Untitled 3Beverly Rhodes
Edvard Munch & the Blue DogKathryn Madill
Passage IICharlotte Watson
AutumnMartin Whitworth
Evidence iiiShannon Williamson
Site 3Peter Adsett
6/1/19Charlotte Watson
The Blue Train (3) 7/10Kathryn Madill
Hidden 2Lisa Patterson
Gravity iiiShannon Williamson
DepartureMartin Whitworth
PatientMartin Whitworth
Radiant 1/6Andrew Drummond
Collage 13Martin Whitworth
Catching an Upward CurrentLiv Worsnop
My Book and Heart Shall Never PartKathryn Madill
Sparkling LapseHenry Turner
PreyKathryn Madill
Nonesuch Gully 13Dean Venrooy
Cascade 1/6Andrew Drummond
Collage 4Martin Whitworth
Part There OfDean Venrooy
Outcrop 7Dean Venrooy
MermanKathryn Madill
A Common Tale 1Kathryn Madill
FrothedFrancis van Hout
Current (edition of 5)Adrienne Millwood
ForestFrancis van Hout
Sunday School 3/22Kathryn Madill
Hence the CoexistenceLiv Worsnop
A Common Tale 5Kathryn Madill
Untitled 16Beverly Rhodes
Le Salon de Refuses (b)Kathryn Madill
PRP_003Francis van Hout
Red River – Cave Life 5/10Kathryn Madill
Limbo 2Rebecca Harris
Painted Place Mats – The Greenstone RiverFrancis van Hout
Outcrop 9Dean Venrooy
Button Study vShannon Williamson
Outcrop 2Dean Venrooy
BlackDean Venrooy
LysistrataEvangelyn Edilson
RedDean Venrooy
river raiserClare Logan
PRP_017Francis van Hout
Mr. Blue (1)Kathryn Madill
PRP_009Francis van Hout
31/1/19Charlotte Watson
Hiding 2Lisa Patterson
Home/BodyRobyn Webster
Pub StopFrancis van Hout
Passage IVCharlotte Watson
Collage 9Martin Whitworth
Part There OfDean Venrooy
Untitled 11Beverly Rhodes
End PieceFrancis van Hout
Grace rain (sold individually)Adrienne Millwood
Untitled 1995–1997Mark Braunias
Nonesuch Gully 9Dean Venrooy
PRP_002Francis van Hout
guide linesOlivia Chamberlain
Study (Eppsicle)Ed Lust
Nonesuch Gully 10Dean Venrooy
Eternal Realities – CupboardMaree Horner
Mr. Blue (2)Kathryn Madill
Untitled 2Beverly Rhodes
Narcissus (edition of 5)Adrienne Millwood
Gravity ivShannon Williamson
The Red House (2)Kathryn Madill
Collage 5Martin Whitworth
Red & Black MarksKay Hunter
Grove 1Dean Venrooy
Push/PullRobyn Webster
DisruptionFrancis van Hout
Collage 12Martin Whitworth
Site 1Peter Adsett
Passing by the Mustard FieldKay Hunter
Fading empireSaskia Bunce-Rath
Le Salon de Refuses (a)Kathryn Madill
BeastKathryn Madill
Argentinian Tie-less BraidCharlotte Watson
TreeFrancis van Hout
local loopOlivia Chamberlain
Untitled 10Kay Hunter
A Page From ‘The Book of Local Fauna’ 2Kathryn Madill
Bubble iiiShannon Williamson
Evidence iiShannon Williamson
The Keeper 15/38Kathryn Madill
Pandora’s CaseMaree Horner
Blue & Co. (4)Kathryn Madill
Still Life with ‘Heart of Darkness’ 14/15Kathryn Madill
Red River – The Blue Knife 8/10Kathryn Madill
RiverFrancis van Hout
Hiding 1Lisa Patterson
Eternal Realities – FireplaceMaree Horner
It’s happening againScott Jackson
Facing 3Lisa Patterson
On A Lonely HikeEmma Wallbanks
The Painted John GibbsFrancis van Hout
Above the cloudsAdrienne Millwood
Sorrow Jug 7/15Kathryn Madill
Architectonic IFrancis van Hout
Clad 3Lisa Patterson
Coming homeAdrienne Millwood
The Emotionally Volatile Trapeze ArtistEvangelyn Edilson
Shrinking HabitatSandra Thomson
Harvest of It AllRebecca Harris
Free RadicalsAndrew Drummond
Way Series No. 10Kay Hunter
Closing PointFrancis van Hout
Nonesuch Gully 4Dean Venrooy
FacetectonicFrancis van Hout
Untitled 8Mark Braunias
ObscureLisa Patterson
le Salon de Refuse 3/14Kathryn Madill
Untitled Still LifeHarry Trerise
Critical Penetralia 6Maree Horner
Eternal Realities – BedMaree Horner
The Chorus 4Kathryn Madill
Sky for ClaraShannon Williamson
It is not this, It is not that (edition of 5)Adrienne Millwood
PitLisa Patterson
PRP_004Francis van Hout
No. 5 of Suitcase SeriesKay Hunter
Gully and Grove 1Dean Venrooy
Is it the place for you?Saskia Bunce-Rath
Eastside 9, 17, 4Julia Croucher
RequiemFrancis van Hout
Collage 11Martin Whitworth
Gully and Grove 3Dean Venrooy
The Blue Train (5) 7/10Kathryn Madill
No. 6 of Suitcase SeriesKay Hunter
Ocean 3/15Kathryn Madill
Untitled 1997Mark Braunias
HillFrancis van Hout
Silent ScreamMartin Whitworth
LessendSandra Thomson
Collage 10Martin Whitworth
Chaos & Calm 3Kay Hunter
Spindrift of the swampClare Logan
PRP_007Francis van Hout
PixedFrancis van Hout
Scratched away at itFrancis van Hout
Facing 1Lisa Patterson
Untitled (15)Martin Whitworth
Nonesuch Gully 6Dean Venrooy
Silken thrillClare Logan
Flight tectonicFrancis van Hout
Untitled 14Beverly Rhodes
PRP_010Francis van Hout
Under the Skin 5Martin Whitworth
Eternal Realities – CaseMaree Horner
Critical Penetralia 9Maree Horner
Still held SageLiv Worsnop
The Chorus 2Kathryn Madill
Collage 6Martin Whitworth
FluctuationFrancis van Hout
pink cloud above my headRebecca Harris
Big Alice in the Red HouseKathryn Madill
Untitled 6Mark Braunias
Jettison 1/6Kathryn Madill
Saved but Changed 2Sandra Thomson
PlateauLisa Patterson
SummerMartin Whitworth
Home PlainsFrancis van Hout
Untitled 1997–1998Mark Braunias
PhobosPrivate: Ana Iti
Untitled (2)Martin Whitworth
My Book & Heart Shall Never Part 9/12Kathryn Madill
AuDean Venrooy
Dark WraithKathryn Madill
If Wishes Were Horses 14/15Kathryn Madill
PRP_020Francis van Hout
Critical Penetralia 8Maree Horner
Stone SoupKay Hunter
Untitled 20/35Kathryn Madill
Crossing The Lagoon 17/30Kathryn Madill
PRP_008Francis van Hout
Diminished 2Sandra Thomson
Bonzai Post HailstormLiv Worsnop
Untitled (13)Martin Whitworth
A Study For Now Is The HourMartin Whitworth
Bubble iiShannon Williamson
Last HurrahFrancis van Hout
Lack of Diversity 1Sandra Thomson
LyaconKathryn Madill
Sun in MistRebecca Harris
Golden HeartHenry Turner
The Blue Train (1) 7/10Kathryn Madill
Maroon 2/15Kathryn Madill
Gravity iShannon Williamson
Grove 2Dean Venrooy
Nonesuch Gully 7Dean Venrooy
The Jolly Juggler and the Laughing HeadsEvangelyn Edilson
Deep Blue 4/12Kathryn Madill
Gravity iShannon Williamson
Ol’ HonestShannon Williamson
Critical Penetralia 5Maree Horner
Untitled (9)Martin Whitworth
Way Series No. 3Kay Hunter
Grove 3Dean Venrooy
SinkLisa Patterson
Collage 1Martin Whitworth
Luna 16/20Kathryn Madill
Blue & Co. (1)Kathryn Madill
Two PartisansMartin Whitworth
Le Salon de Refuse 6/14Kathryn Madill
Soft slide (grey ghost)Clare Logan
SpringMartin Whitworth
first impressionsOlivia Chamberlain
Rock Jeff was Going to Hand MeLiv Worsnop
Iliac Gap iShannon Williamson
Untitled 6Beverly Rhodes
Upon wakingAdrienne Millwood
LinksScott Jackson
No. 8 of Suitcase SeriesKay Hunter
CondensationFrancis van Hout
MountainFrancis van Hout
No. 9 of Suitcase SeriesKay Hunter
small talkOlivia Chamberlain
VH001Ed Lust
Shelter 1Sandra Thomson
Gravity iiShannon Williamson
WaderClare Logan
Nonsuch Gully 5Dean Venrooy
The Blue Train (9) 7/10Kathryn Madill
Painted Place Mats – Crossing the BealyFrancis van Hout
Passage ICharlotte Watson
Collage 2Martin Whitworth
Deep GoldHenry Turner
Untitled 10Mark Braunias
Way Series No. 11Kay Hunter
4/1/19Charlotte Watson
Nonesuch Gully 15Dean Venrooy
2/2/19Charlotte Watson
PRP_021Francis van Hout
Cloaked shiftersClare Logan
Ol’ ReliableShannon Williamson
Which is UN-F After A Bigger SplashEmma Wallbanks
River RockLiv Worsnop
Ballad 6/6Kathryn Madill
Fastest at its Leading EdgeLiv Worsnop
The Chorus 5Kathryn Madill
Sunny HillFrancis van Hout
Collage 7Martin Whitworth
Shelter 3Sandra Thomson
GreenDean Venrooy
Bus StopKathryn Madill
The Life of Emily Bronte 5/15Kathryn Madill
Lagoon + WaterfallLiv Worsnop
LakeFrancis van Hout
Untitled 1997Mark Braunias
Transmission (edition of 5)Adrienne Millwood
flesh looperOlivia Chamberlain
Transit (edition of 5)Adrienne Millwood
Blue & Co. (2)Kathryn Madill
A Page From the Book of DreamsKathryn Madill