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  • Peter Adsett
  • Mark Braunias
  • Saskia Bunce-Rath
  • Jan Chaffey
  • Olivia Chamberlain
  • Andrew Drummond
  • Richard Elderton
  • Katie Hayles
  • Maree Horner
  • Kay Hunter
  • Scott Jackson
  • Clare Logan
  • Ivan Lupi
  • Ed Lust
  • Kathryn Madill
  • Adrienne Millwood
  • Lisa Patterson
  • Beverly Rhodes
  • Christiane Shortal
  • Lucia Sidonio
  • Sandra Thomson
  • Henry Turner
  • Francis van Hout
  • Dean Venrooy
  • Charlotte Watson
  • Shannon Williamson
  • Liv Worsnop
Last HurrahFrancis van Hout
The TowerKay Hunter
Eternal Realities – CupboardMaree Horner
Edvard Munch’s Sister with Mr. BlueKathryn Madill
Scratched away at itFrancis van Hout
Stone SoupKay Hunter
new commuteOlivia Chamberlain
Critical Penetralia 9Maree Horner
The scapegoatChristiane Shortal
Emily DickinsonKathryn Madill
The tacticianChristiane Shortal
PlateauLisa Patterson
No. 9 of Suitcase SeriesKay Hunter
a thin star wind growsSaskia Bunce-Rath
Red Mist/Cudgel/ShifterLisa Patterson
Depository [15]Sandra Thomson
Depository [26]Sandra Thomson
O Time Thy Pyramids (g)Henry Turner
White Wines of Intrigue (c)Henry Turner
Maroon 2/15Kathryn Madill
Critical Penetralia 8Maree Horner
1 hour 31 minutes 9 seconds continuous line with my eyes closedIvan Lupi
A thousand acresClare Logan
No. 23 of Suitcase SeriesKay Hunter
PitLisa Patterson
Evening, toward FawknerCharlotte Watson
PRP_020Francis van Hout
Diagnostic LoomsHenry Turner
Sleep Comes DroppingHenry Turner
Le Salon de Refuse 6/14Kathryn Madill
Depository [13]Sandra Thomson
Cascade 1/6Andrew Drummond
Green BirdFrancis van Hout
Depository [11]Sandra Thomson
BeastKathryn Madill
Is My Crazy HeartHenry Turner
Depository [17]Sandra Thomson
Trine aspectsClare Logan
Lure IIClare Logan
Closing PointFrancis van Hout
Hence the CoexistenceLiv Worsnop
The Blue Train (7) 7/10Kathryn Madill
Lullaby of BirdlandHenry Turner
Untitled 10Kay Hunter
steadyOlivia Chamberlain
Iliac Gap iShannon Williamson
51 minutes 48 seconds continuous line with my eyes closedIvan Lupi
This IndecipherableHenry Turner
Burying the PoetKathryn Madill
The Undead 2Sandra Thomson
27 minutes 5 seconds continuous line with my eyes closedIvan Lupi
The braggartChristiane Shortal
UnpackingChristiane Shortal
Jolly GoshFrancis van Hout
No. 4 of Suitcase SeriesKay Hunter
Outcrop 9Dean Venrooy
Nightwalk IIICharlotte Watson
quiet whilst in ever sky, and that sky, and that skySaskia Bunce-Rath
Gravity iiShannon Williamson
Gift for the family iiShannon Williamson
Twilight (Bats)Charlotte Watson
The hand of the maker, BloodLisa Patterson
No. 20 of Suitcase SeriesKay Hunter
Critical Penetralia 6Maree Horner
PRP_004Francis van Hout
LessendSandra Thomson
Depository [12]Sandra Thomson
1 hour 2 minutes 10 seconds continuous line with my eyes closedIvan Lupi
No. 8 of Suitcase SeriesKay Hunter
46 minutes 38 seconds continuous line with my eyes closedIvan Lupi
45 minutes 13 seconds continuous line with my eyes closedIvan Lupi
The Blue Train (2) 7/10Kathryn Madill
Depository [19]Sandra Thomson
The Blind Queen 2/10Kathryn Madill
flesh looperOlivia Chamberlain
Terraforming Grey RockChristiane Shortal
I used to be an island iiShannon Williamson
Lack of Diversity 1Sandra Thomson
Shrinking HabitatSandra Thomson
A Page From the Book of DreamsKathryn Madill
The Blue Train (1) 7/10Kathryn Madill
Nonesuch Gully 2Dean Venrooy
Untitled 10Mark Braunias
Radiant 1/6Andrew Drummond
Gully and Grove 1Dean Venrooy
Gravity iShannon Williamson
There is Another VisionHenry Turner
Gift for the family ivShannon Williamson
The 20,000 HurtsHenry Turner
My Book and Heart Shall Never PartKathryn Madill
Less is more 3Jan Chaffey
The accompliceChristiane Shortal
River RockLiv Worsnop
Depository [14]Sandra Thomson
Untitled 10Beverly Rhodes
Found object #3Christiane Shortal
Moon WalkFrancis van Hout
Chaos & Calm 3Kay Hunter
PRP_019Francis van Hout
Le Salon de Refuses (a)Kathryn Madill
Stutter stop iShannon Williamson
le Salon de Refuse 3/14Kathryn Madill
Big Alice in the Red HouseKathryn Madill
Disillusioned ThinkerFrancis van Hout
Edvard Munch & the Blue DogKathryn Madill
Untitled 16Beverly Rhodes
Way Series No. 4Kay Hunter
Still held SageLiv Worsnop
Depository [16]Sandra Thomson
Fast NoLiv Worsnop
Nonesuch Gully 4Dean Venrooy
An Elder of the NearbyLiv Worsnop
Sunny HillFrancis van Hout
Brown BirdFrancis van Hout
The Undead 1Sandra Thomson
The Sky InsideChristiane Shortal
Flyer NoonHenry Turner
DefineChristiane Shortal
RequiemFrancis van Hout
Untitled 6Beverly Rhodes
The Blue Train (5) 7/10Kathryn Madill
SmokeFrancis van Hout
Untitled 9Mark Braunias
Untitled 11Beverly Rhodes
PRP_005Francis van Hout
PRP_001Francis van Hout
God!Christiane Shortal
Debris cloudClare Logan
UntitledKathryn Madill
FfffffffffhhhhhttttttpChristiane Shortal
Creative ThinkerFrancis van Hout
The seerChristiane Shortal
MermanKathryn Madill
PRP_017Francis van Hout
Select all images containing crosswalksChristiane Shortal
PRP_021Francis van Hout
Blue DreamingKay Hunter
The Blue Train (a)Kathryn Madill
LinksScott Jackson
Wishful ThinkerFrancis van Hout
IllusionKatie Hayles
Ocean 3/15Kathryn Madill
PRP_010Francis van Hout
FrothedFrancis van Hout
Eternal Realities – FireplaceMaree Horner
Argentinian Tie-less BraidCharlotte Watson
Front and BackChristiane Shortal
Suspended 3Sandra Thomson
If Wishes Were Horses 14/15Kathryn Madill
WildernessFrancis van Hout
Flight tectonicFrancis van Hout
Jee WhizzFrancis van Hout
Red River 5/10Kathryn Madill
Let Him Come, Let Him Come, Let Nobody Stop HimHenry Turner
Untitled 1997–1998Mark Braunias
VesperClare Logan
Part There OfDean Venrooy
i am walking the graveyard for the third time this weekSaskia Bunce-Rath
FluctuationFrancis van Hout
walking on spindly legs through dark canopies, I hear tiny voices callingSaskia Bunce-Rath
White Wines of Intrigue (a)Henry Turner
RenascenceClare Logan
Deep Blue 4/12Kathryn Madill
Shelter 1Sandra Thomson
PRP_002Francis van Hout
Eternal Realities – BedMaree Horner
Untitled 6Mark Braunias
Stone was airClare Logan
Crunch, Crunch, SwooshLucia Sidonio
Diminished 2Sandra Thomson
Sur le spectre d’une substance radio-active, 9/30Kathryn Madill
Burying the PoetKathryn Madill
Nonesuch Gully 3Dean Venrooy
AlightKatie Hayles
Ballad 6/6Kathryn Madill
Depository [23]Sandra Thomson
Fool’s MoonFrancis van Hout
Untitled 14Beverly Rhodes
Rock Jeff was Going to Hand MeLiv Worsnop
Missy and the Drum Fire/ChandelierLisa Patterson
Red River – Cave Life 5/10Kathryn Madill
ObscureLisa Patterson
The Rolling MoonFrancis van Hout
Fastest at its Leading EdgeLiv Worsnop
Father & SonKathryn Madill
Depository [1]Sandra Thomson
Le Salon de Refuses (b)Kathryn Madill
Flare UpLisa Patterson
Critical Penetralia 1Maree Horner
MetamorphosisKathryn Madill
Site 3Peter Adsett
Nightwalk VCharlotte Watson
The Chorus 5Kathryn Madill
1 hour 57 minutes 53 seconds continuous line with my eyes closedIvan Lupi
Nonesuch Gully 7Dean Venrooy
Gift for the family iShannon Williamson
48 minutes 43 seconds continuous line with my eyes closedIvan Lupi
GatewayDean Venrooy
Sometimes a StrangerKay Hunter
The Chorus 2Kathryn Madill
釘と磁石—MagnetRichard Elderton
DriftKay Hunter
Blue & Co. (1)Kathryn Madill
Sorrow Jug 7/15Kathryn Madill
Sorrow Hand 3/10Kathryn Madill
Dark WraithKathryn Madill
The advocateChristiane Shortal
Pub StopFrancis van Hout
Up CountryKathryn Madill
Hidden 2Lisa Patterson
Pandora’s CaseMaree Horner
Time piece viShannon Williamson
2 hours 50 minutes 22 seconds continuous line with my eyes closedIvan Lupi
Victory over the SunFrancis van Hout
Composition with RedKay Hunter
The mediatorChristiane Shortal
Depository [6]Sandra Thomson
Seen swayingClare Logan
Damocles iiiShannon Williamson
A Common Tale 5Kathryn Madill
The Painted John GibbsFrancis van Hout
Lack of Diversity 2Sandra Thomson
Nonesuch Gully 10Dean Venrooy
Lagoon + WaterfallLiv Worsnop
Suspended 4Sandra Thomson
the forest, all catchingSaskia Bunce-Rath
The Keeper 15/38Kathryn Madill
Evidence iiiShannon Williamson
Blueshift iShannon Williamson
UntitledDean Venrooy
Grove 3Dean Venrooy
Shelter 3Sandra Thomson
Architectonic IFrancis van Hout
PRP_013Francis van Hout
Critical Penetralia 5Maree Horner
Depository [2]Sandra Thomson
Evidence iiShannon Williamson
33 minutes 14 seconds continuous line with my eyes closedIvan Lupi
SinkLisa Patterson
The Ship of DreamsKathryn Madill
No. 6 of Suitcase SeriesKay Hunter
Home ComfortsDean Venrooy
It’s happening againScott Jackson
DirtFrancis van Hout
Mr. Blue (1)Kathryn Madill
Burying the PoetKathryn Madill
35 minutes 12 seconds continuous line with my eyes closedIvan Lupi
Is it the place for you?Saskia Bunce-Rath
Saved but Changed 2Sandra Thomson
FacetectonicFrancis van Hout
oblivionFrancis van Hout
oceans dissolving at the end of airSaskia Bunce-Rath
The makerChristiane Shortal
Collective sigh (inhale) iiShannon Williamson
Bluebird 6/12Kathryn Madill
59 minutes 29 seconds continuous line with my eyes closedIvan Lupi
Free RadicalsAndrew Drummond
Grove 4Dean Venrooy
Outcrop 7Dean Venrooy
Object 6 (Ghost)Henry Turner
Hey ZeusFrancis van Hout
Wind cinderClare Logan
Sky for ClaraShannon Williamson
Sensitive ThinkerFrancis van Hout
Forward ThinkerFrancis van Hout
Lodge Hill SnowLucia Sidonio
Blue & Co. (2)Kathryn Madill
Home ComfortsDean Venrooy
A Common Tale 1Kathryn Madill
No. 22 of Suitcase SeriesKay Hunter
The Red House (2)Kathryn Madill
Untitled 1995–1997Mark Braunias
A Page From ‘The Book of Local Fauna’ 2Kathryn Madill
The Ship of DreamsKathryn Madill
PixedFrancis van Hout
Depository [8]Sandra Thomson
Depository [5]Sandra Thomson
DecoyCharlotte Watson
DisruptionFrancis van Hout
BlackDean Venrooy
Express YourselfChristiane Shortal
No. 6 of Suitcase SeriesKay Hunter
Depository [18]Sandra Thomson
Found object #6Christiane Shortal
Furrow iShannon Williamson
Time piece iShannon Williamson
Gravity viShannon Williamson
Home in ParenthesesChristiane Shortal
31 minutes 2 seconds continuous line with my eyes closedIvan Lupi
tiltOlivia Chamberlain
The Absolute NameHenry Turner
Untitled 3Beverly Rhodes
No. 21 of Suitcase SeriesKay Hunter
Gully and Grove 3Dean Venrooy
I used to be an island iShannon Williamson
PRP_006Francis van Hout
The Blue Train (4) 7/10Kathryn Madill
複合拍子—Polyrhythmic WaveRichard Elderton
I wish I was far away collecting bonesSaskia Bunce-Rath
Home ComfortsDean Venrooy
2 hours 35 minutes 41 seconds continuous line with my eyes closedIvan Lupi
Site 1Peter Adsett
Damocles iShannon Williamson
Painted Place Mats – Crossing the BealyFrancis van Hout
Burying the PoetKathryn Madill
The BridgeKay Hunter
PRP_009Francis van Hout
PRP_007Francis van Hout
Gravity iiiShannon Williamson
Blue & Co. (4)Kathryn Madill
local loopOlivia Chamberlain
The FutureSandra Thomson
Red River – The Blue Knife 8/10Kathryn Madill
Untitled 2Beverly Rhodes
The Chorus 3Kathryn Madill
Depository [10]Sandra Thomson
RedDean Venrooy
UntitledDean Venrooy
The hand of the maker, WaterLisa Patterson
The Blue Train (9) 7/10Kathryn Madill
Depository [22]Sandra Thomson
Found object #7Christiane Shortal
The contenderChristiane Shortal
UntitledIvan Lupi
Nonesuch Gully 9Dean Venrooy
Nonesuch Gully 1Dean Venrooy
PRP_008Francis van Hout
Les Rayons X, 9/30Kathryn Madill
RewildingSandra Thomson
Way Series No. 3Kay Hunter
The WaysideKathryn Madill
CloudFrancis van Hout
Hydrate!Christiane Shortal
41 minutes 24 seconds continuous line with my eyes closedIvan Lupi
Depository [9]Sandra Thomson
Outcrop 2Dean Venrooy
The Chorus 4Kathryn Madill
GlimmerKatie Hayles
Furrow iiiShannon Williamson
No. 7 of Suitcase SeriesKay Hunter
With What Eyes?Henry Turner
Grove 5Dean Venrooy
Untitled 8Mark Braunias
Red River 5/10Kathryn Madill
PRP_003Francis van Hout
CondensationFrancis van Hout
seraphimdad96Christiane Shortal
Painted Place Mats – The Greenstone RiverFrancis van Hout
Nonesuch Gully 6Dean Venrooy
Couch IconChristiane Shortal
Red & Black MarksKay Hunter
Home PlainsFrancis van Hout
Biology IMark Braunias
The Blue Train (3) 7/10Kathryn Madill
ConfluenceKay Hunter
Depository [24]Sandra Thomson
GreenDean Venrooy
Bonzai Post HailstormLiv Worsnop
Nightwalk IVCharlotte Watson
A Million Ends And One EndHenry Turner
Sunday School 3/22Kathryn Madill
Sur les corps radio-actifs, 1/30Kathryn Madill
The Blue Train (6) 7/10Kathryn Madill
Civil Unrest/Buttress Step/BookendsLisa Patterson
Eternal Realities – CaseMaree Horner
Go southingClare Logan
breakOlivia Chamberlain
The Trebuchet Who Rules A PianoHenry Turner
Depository [7]Sandra Thomson
but this time towards the mountainsSaskia Bunce-Rath
Jettison 1/6Kathryn Madill
Grove 2Dean Venrooy
Blood MoonFrancis van Hout
Part There OfDean Venrooy
Break (as a wave)Clare Logan
Above the cloudsAdrienne Millwood
AuDean Venrooy
Less is more 1Jan Chaffey
Grove 1Dean Venrooy
Time piece ivShannon Williamson
PreyKathryn Madill
Bubble iiShannon Williamson
No. 24 of Suitcase SeriesKay Hunter
My Book & Heart Shall Never Part 9/12Kathryn Madill
Nonesuch Gully 13Dean Venrooy
Gravity ivShannon Williamson
fluster busterOlivia Chamberlain
Outcrop 11Dean Venrooy
Catching an Upward CurrentLiv Worsnop
mimicOlivia Chamberlain
Depository [27]Sandra Thomson
Still Life with ‘Heart of Darkness’ 14/15Kathryn Madill
Deep ThinkerFrancis van Hout
Collected StoriesChristiane Shortal
AscentLisa Patterson
Bubble iiiShannon Williamson
Solitary Hanging DeviceAndrew Drummond
I am in BackgroundLiv Worsnop
specks of fire, all crowns all circlesSaskia Bunce-Rath
Nonsuch Gully 5Dean Venrooy
End PieceFrancis van Hout
Tears in 10kChristiane Shortal
The Chorus 1Kathryn Madill
Depository [28]Sandra Thomson
Furrow iiShannon Williamson
Suspended 2Sandra Thomson