Picture Framing

At City Art Depot, we work with our clients to reach a framing solution that will best complement the artwork, whether it is a simple timber shadow picture frame or an ornate gilded frame. City Art Depot mouldings are made on our premises from rough sawn timber – profiled, cut to size, joined, then finished with the chosen surface that best suits the specific needs of the client and the artwork, be it stain, wax, lacquer, gesso or a gilded finish.

At each step of the framing process, we use conservation standard materials and techniques to assist with the long-term preservation of your artwork. These include chemically stable 100% cotton fibre matt boards and foam-core backing boards. Artworks are attached with Japanese mulberry paper hinges adhered with archival adhesives – these are designed to break under stress, such as during a fall, so preventing damage to the artwork itself. We seal the back of the frame to provide an additional layer of protection.

With new technological advancements in glazing materials we can offer a variety of glass and acrylic choices that can provide up to 99% U/V filtering and improved viewing enhancement from anti-reflective coatings. Thanks to the availability of these products in a range of sizes, we can provide these glazing options for very large format artworks.

The entire framing process not only displays your artwork to the best advantage but also contains it within a stable environment. This will help keep the work safe from the damaging effects of light, dust, insects and the use of inferior materials although we always recommend framed artworks are hung securely on the wall away from direct sources of light and heat.

City Art Depot also provides a range of standard framing options for non-original artwork. We also specialise in bulk framing services for institutions, corporate clients and the hospitality sector.

The frame
City Art Depot mouldings are all purpose-made from selected timbers including North American oak, European beech, Victorian ash and New Zealand pinus radiata. Because each piece is machined and profiled on site, we can create frames of different depth, width and profile to meet the specific needs of the artwork. We can also alter the design to allow for double-sided frames where the back of the work can be displayed. Once the frame is cut and joined, the timber is sanded and hand-finished to provide a unique result appropriate to the artwork.

The matt
City Art Depot uses museum quality cotton fibre matt boards and backing boards in a selection of thicknesses and natural colours. These are pH-neutral archival boards that do not leach contaminants as found in poorer quality boards. To attach the artwork to its backing board City Art Depot uses Japanese mulberry paper hinges adhered with archival adhesives. These are strong, lightweight and are designed to break under stress so preventing damage to the work itself. For reproductions and commercial job lots, we also offer standard matting options in a wide range of contemporary colours.

The glass
Recent advancements in glass manufacture provide a range of high quality, anti-reflective and UV-blocking glazing options. In addition to standard glass, we offer museum-standard glass and acrylic. These high quality glasses filter out 99% of the UV light spectrum, so helping to prevent one of the main causes of fading and discolouration while also minimising reflection. While it is still important for original works of art to be hung away from direct sunlight and high sources of artificial light, these new glass technologies provide greater protection and more enhanced viewing than has previously been available.

Read more about picture framing glass on our FAQ page here.

Mounting & Laminating
City Art Depot offers full mounting and laminating services. We can attach art works to a variety of backings using high quality dry adhesives best suited to the art work or photograph in question. This service can be used on small or very large works, in one-off or high volume job lots. We also have a range of laminating films to protect mounted prints or art works.

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